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Brazilian Corn Prices to Surge as Ethanol Demand Fuels Domestic Consumption

Ethanol production is poised to drive up Brazilian corn prices, incentivizing domestic consumption and potentially limiting exports in the upcoming marketing year, according to an industry expert interviewed by S&P Global Commodity Insights last week. Arthur Neto, partner director at Alphamar Shipping Agency, predicts that corn usage for

China Aims to Close Corn Supply Gap Within Decade, But Challenges Remain

China is taking steps to bridge the gap between its domestic corn production and consumption, aiming to achieve self-sufficiency within the next decade, according to Li Shengjun, director of the monitoring and prediction department at China's national grain and oils information center (CNGOIC). Speaking at the International Grains

US Grain Exports Face Downward Revisions as Prices and Competition Shift

The USDA revising its forecast for corn and wheat exports downward, reflecting the broader landscape of shifting prices and global competition. In a report published on Wednesday, the agency forecasts US grain and feed exports to reach $37.6 billion in fiscal year (FY) 2024, a $600 million decline from

US Wheat Sales Rebound While Corn Exports Slide

US wheat sales rebounded in the week ending May 2, 2024, while corn exports continued to decline, according to the latest export sales data released by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Net sales of US wheat for the 2023/2024 marketing year totaled 78,500 metric tons (MT)

US Corn Production Expected to Decline, But Exports to Rise Amidst Global Shifts

US corn production is projected to decline in the 2024/25 marketing year, but exports are forecast to rise as global production dynamics shift, according to the latest World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report released by the USDA. The agency forecasts US corn production to reach 14.9
US Corn Production Expected to Decline, But Exports to Rise Amidst Global Shifts

Myanmar's Corn Production and Exports Remain Depressed Amidst Ongoing Conflict and Economic Challenges

Myanmar's corn production and exports are expected to remain subdued in the 2024/25 marketing year, hampered by ongoing conflict, economic instability, and logistical challenges, according to a report by the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS). The report highlights the significant impact of civil unrest in

Corn and Soy Biofuels Get Green Light for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Tax Credits: WSJ

The Biden administration has expanded the eligibility for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) tax credits to include corn- and soy-based biofuels, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. The new guidelines released by the Treasury Department last week aim at incentivizing the production and use of SAF, which is crucial for

Argentina Soybean, Corn Output Threatened by Adverse Weather

Argentina's soybean harvest is progressing, but concerns remain about potential yield losses due to adverse weather conditions, according to the latest report from the Buenos Aires Grains Exchange. Meanwhile, the exchange has revised its corn production forecast downward, reflecting the impact of drought and heat stress on late-planted

Heavy Rains Disrupt Brazil Soybean and Corn Harvest, Reuters Reports

Torrential rainfall in Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul state is causing significant disruptions to the final stages of the soybean and corn harvest, as reported by Reuters. The state, which is Brazil's second-largest soybean producer and sixth-largest corn producer, has experienced heavy downpours leading to flooding

US Wheat Sales Falter, While Corn Exports Remain Strong

Net sales of US wheat for the 2023/2024 marketing year experienced a significant decline, plummeting by 105% from the previous week's 192,300 metric tons (MT) to a net reduction of 20,300 MT, according to the latest export sales report from the US Department of Agriculture