About this series

Agricultural Commodities Focus is a monthly series published by Hedder.

About the author:

Doug Christie, an Agricultural Commodities Fellow at Hedder, is a former executive leader at Cargill and an agribusiness professional. He has been managing agribusiness and trading commodities for over 30 years. Read full bio.

Why choose this series:

Agricultural commodities are known for their volatility and differing supply-and-demand cycles. Agricultural Commodities Focus demystifies the complexity of commodities trading, bridging the knowledge gap between institutional players and retail traders.

This series focuses on the main agricultural commodities: wheat, corn, soy, oils, oilseed meal and cotton. Readers will learn how today’s market and environmental forces are impacting price trends, product yields, trade flows and supply-chain issues. This series also takes you inside the futures markets, and looks at how institutional money and corporate players approach their commodities trades.

Whether you are a serious investor interested in trading agricultural commodities as an alternative asset, or an industry stakeholder looking for a nuanced understanding of the complex industry environment, this series will have something for you.

What you will learn as a reader:

  • Deep-domain expertise from a former Cargill executive leader with more than 30 years of experience managing agribusiness and trading commodities.
  • An insider’s guide to identifying key market forces and environmental forces, and their impact on agribusiness.
  • The interplay between geopolitics and the supply chain of agricultural commodities.
  • How to read the futures markets, and the difference in approach between institutional money and fundamental players.
  • How to access USDA resources, including their coverage by crop, weekly/monthly/annual reports and global coverage, along with non-US and non-government sources.
  • How to understand the supply chain of agribusiness, including key drivers of freight prices, and storage and quality considerations.

What you will get from this series:

  • Monthly Deep Dive (basic, premium) – Flagship deep-dive research that discusses current market fundamentals and emerging supply-and-demand trends.
  • Weekly Commentary (basic, premium) – Weekly quick thoughts on important developments.
  • Monthly Q&A (premium only) – Subscribers can submit any questions on agricultural commodities, and the author will share his views on these. The Q&A will be available to subscribers so that you can also see questions raised by others.
  • What Doug is Reading (premium only) – A fortnightly list of articles and reports that the author has been reading, so subscribers can understand the viewpoints better.