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Mixed Patterns Post-WASDE, Perhaps the Holidays Are Starting Early

Author: Doug Christie

Fundamental: Markets failed to make any strong moves in the wake of last Friday’s WASDE reports, which fell at the midpoint of the five-day reference period.  

Corn rallied going into the report but has now retraced, closing down 10 cents on the week on Tuesday. Soy fared somewhat better, posting an 18-cent gain for the reference period.

Wheat had been trending up going into the reports, but stumbled coming out, closing down 6 cents for the period. Cotton strengthened nicely going into the report and crossed the 83-cent threshold in the minutes after the WASDE release but has since retreated, closing at 81.05 on Tuesday.  

As for the report itself, the grain data was mostly uninspiring. A modest increase in US corn and wheat export projections, no changes in US soy figures, and a 2 million ton reduction to Brazil production estimates.  

In cotton, the USDA lowered US production estimates by 300,000 bales but also lowered estimates for US and global consumption, resulting in a modest increase to projected world ending stocks. 

Technical: In a similar fashion, tech signals have been muted in recent trading days. Moving-average indicators for corn and soy are narrowing, and relative strength levels are flat. Wheat has been able to hold a moving-average bullish signal. Cotton posted a bullish 10/25-day moving-average cross to start this calendar week, but that development is overshadowed by the 50/200 day moving-average bearish cross.  

Commitment of Traders reports reflect pre-WASDE positions and showed managed money reducing net directional exposure in all three grains and maintaining a flat position in cotton.

Taken collectively, the tech picture is uncompelling. 

Macro: The story here is the continued weakness in crude petroleum with prices posting a second week of 5% decline.  Oil is the leading component of most commodity fund indexes and often a bellwether for overall commodity sentiment. 

The USD index was marginally weaker across the 5-day reference period. For the general economy it seems a US ‘soft landing’ is in sight.  Ultimately that should be supportive of a risk-on mentality but to date it appears to be playing out in financial markets and not in the commodity space.  

There has been no post-WASDE jumpstart for markets, and with the lack of strong fundamental data and a modest technical outlook, these markets may be ho-humming their way into the December holidays.

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