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India's Sugar Consumption Heats Up Amidst Election Fever and Scorching Temperatures

India's sugar consumption is expected to reach record highs this year as a confluence of factors, including a blistering heat wave and ongoing elections, drive up demand, according to a report by the Economic Times.

The report highlights the significant role of summer weather in boosting sugar consumption in India, with demand for cold beverages and ice cream typically surging during the hot months. This year, however, the heat wave, coupled with the mobilization of millions of people for elections, has further amplified sugar demand.

"Consumption of cold drinks and ice cream, and as a result demand for sugar, rises in India during the summer months roughly from mid-March to mid-June," the Economic Times report states. "But this year demand is above average as heat waves and election rallies boost consumption of ice-cream and soft drinks."

With temperatures soaring above 40 degrees Celsius in many parts of the country, and political parties holding massive rallies attracting hundreds of thousands of attendees, the demand for refreshing sugary treats has skyrocketed.

Industry experts predict that India's sugar consumption during the April-June period could rise by 5% compared to last year, potentially reaching 7.5 million tons. This surge is expected to push total consumption for the year to a record 29 million metric tons.

The increased demand has already begun to impact sugar prices, which have risen by nearly 3% in recent weeks. Despite the government allocating a higher quota for April to meet the growing demand, prices continue to climb due to strong demand from bulk consumers.