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Argentina Soybean, Corn Output Threatened by Adverse Weather

Argentina's soybean harvest is progressing, but concerns remain about potential yield losses due to adverse weather conditions, according to the latest report from the Buenos Aires Grains Exchange. Meanwhile, the exchange has revised its corn production forecast downward, reflecting the impact of drought and heat stress on late-planted crops.

The soybean harvest has covered 36.2% of the suitable area nationwide, with progress delayed by 12 percentage points compared to the five-year average. While early-planted soybeans in the Northern Core region are showing promising yields, averaging 4 tons per hectare, concerns persist about crops in the Northeast and western regions that have been affected by dry conditions and heat stress.

"If this trend continues, our current production projection of 51 million metric tons could be affected," the Buenos Aires Grains Exchange warns in its report.

For corn, the exchange has revised its production forecast down to 46.5 million metric tons, reflecting lower expected yields and a significant increase in non-harvestable areas due to drought and heat stress. The report estimates that approximately 17% of the planted area in affected regions, including the Northwest, Northeast, and parts of Córdoba and Entre Ríos, may not be harvested for grain due to these adverse conditions.

"The survey of collaborators over the past three weeks continues to show lower expected yields for late dates and northern regions, coupled with a significant increase in non-harvestable area," the report states.